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Taking ‘Frühlingstraum’ from Schubert’s Winterreise as its starting point, Icebloom is a mini­ature that at­tempts to ad­dress some of the re­la­tion­ships de­tailed in the song’s text. Wilhelm Müller’s poem presents a vign­ette of ab­sence, ima­gin­a­tion and memory, and it is the re­la­tion­ship between ab­sence and pres­ence that is glanced at in Icebloom’s brief mo­ments: lim­inal sounds […]

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Quiet Games & Improvisation

I will be performing/appearing/being at A Curious Night at the Nip & Tipple in Whalley Range the evening of Monday 13th September. Put to­gether by com­poser Nina Whiteman and per­form­ance artist Michael Mayhew, it will in­clude an ec­lectic range of per­form­ances, hap­pen­ings and a ‘curious ve­get­able com­pet­i­tion’, spurred on by Nabokov’s sug­ges­tion that ‘curi­osity is […]

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This is Water!

This is Water!, for en­semble and tape, takes its name from the book of the same title by David Foster Wallace, sub­titled ‘Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life’ (Little, Brown & co., New York, 2009). Here is the pas­sage, which gives that book its name: There are these two young […]

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    Chris Swithinbank is a British-Dutch com­poser who works with both acoustic in­stru­ments and elec­tronic sounds. He is cur­rently a stu­dent at Harvard University with Chaya Czernowin.
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