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A Talk About Helmut Lachenmann’s Gran Torso For those of you in Manchester, I am giving a talk with the won­derful Quatuor Danel this Thursday on Lachenmann’s first string quartet, Gran Torso. The talk runs from 14:30 to 16:00 at the University of Manchester (map), but is pre­ceded at 13:10 by a free lunch­time concert […]

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Weekly Roundup

The Quatuor Danel were back in Manchester last week with two com­posers, Henry Fourès and Catherine Seba, in tow. Their two con­certs in­cluded Bruno Mantovani’s piano quintet, Blue girl with red wagon (with Richard Whalley on piano), Seba’s string quartet with tape, Quivering, Fourès playing Luc Ferrari’s À la recherche du rhythme perdu, for solo […]

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Quatuor Danel Workshop

Two short frag­ments for string quartet were work­shopped at 14:30, Thursday 18 February by the Quatuor Danel as part of my Masters course. The two frag­ments are ex­per­i­ments with ma­terial and nota­tion that I hope to de­velop into a fully-fledged quartet later in the year.

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