Rise, Ancient Song

I have been listening a lot to this motet, Adesto dolori meo, Deus, by the late-Renaissance Flemish com­poser Alexander Utendal re­cently. The rising chro­matic line that forms the basis for the opening im­it­ative entries is mind-blowing in its de­ploy­ment, dis­playing fresh­ness and in­genuity des­pite being nearly 500 years old. By the time the sop­rano reaches her top D and the har­mony reaches its widest point, I am al­ways struck by the feeling of some­thing having gradu­ally come to­wards me, emer­ging from a mist. Utendal seems to be a re­l­at­ively un­known figure, but there are a few in­ternet re­sources, in­cluding: videos on YouTube of Oltremontano and the Capilla Flamenca per­forming some of his works; some people have help­fully re­pro­duced Hellmut Federhofer’s Grove Dictionary of Music art­icle here and here (Flemish mu­si­co­lo­gist Ignace Bossuyt dis­agrees with Grove’s date of birth, sug­gesting c. 1543 – 5 as cor­rect); and if you search the old Google you’ll pull up the odd other thing, in­cluding a few things in Dutch.

This re­cording is of my father’s group The Art of Music, a group of (usu­ally) six singers living and working in Luxembourg who have now been going for over fif­teen years with varying per­sonnel and who spe­cialise in the per­form­ance of music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

Alexander Utendal Adesto dolori meo, Deus
The Art of Music (Flash Compact Editioun FCE 209/504)

First page of Adesto dolori meo, Deus by Alexander Utendal

First page of Adesto dolori meo, Deus by Alexander Utendal

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