The Incredulity of St Thomas at Harvard

Caravaggio — The Incredulity of St Thomas
Tonight, Rane Moore (bass cla­rinet), Chris Gross (cello) and Alex Lipowski (per­cus­sion) of Talea Ensemble with con­ductor Eduardo Leandro will give the first per­form­ance of my new trio The Incredulity of St Thomas at Harvard University’s John Knowles Paine Concert Hall. Also on the pro­gramme are new works by fellow com­posers at the Harvard Summer Composition Institute Clara IannottaRay Evanoff, Thatchatham Silsupan, Carolyn Chen and Sanzhar Baiterekov. A second con­cert fol­lows on Sunday, fea­turing music by Ran Duan, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Justin Hoke, Mauricio Pauly, Robert Phillips and Katherine Young. Both con­certs are free and are com­ple­mented in the af­ter­noon by dis­cus­sions of various topics from 12:30pm in the Music Department.

The past two weeks have been an in­tensely valu­able ex­per­i­ence — from the dis­cus­sion in the ana­chron­istic sur­round­ings of Concord’s Colonial Inn last week to the sem­inars at Harvard Music Department this week. The hard work of Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku, Steven Takasugi and Michelle Lou in making us wel­come and or­gan­ising the finest of de­tails to create a warm and trusting en­vir­on­ment of ex­change is quite frankly inspirational.

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