A more readable version of the discussion around Johannes Kreidler’s protest at Donaueschingen

At the end of October, sparked by a post by Ian Pace, a heated de­bate took place on Facebook around the protest ac­tion of Johannes Kreidler against the fu­sion of the radio or­ches­tras at Baden-Baden/Freiburg and Stuttgart, which Kreidler per­formed at this year’s Donaueschingen Festival. Having con­sulted the con­trib­utors, Pace sub­sequently posted the full dis­cus­sion on his blog, a pos­itive move, which re­in­forces the idea that so­cial media may be be­coming a valid arena for public debate.

I found both clicking through the posts on Facebook and reading through the dis­cus­sion on Ian’s blog some­what tiring and visu­ally con­fusing, so put to­gether a formatted PDF of the dis­cus­sion to ease my reading. I thought this may prove useful to others, so here it is to dis­tribute as anyone sees fit.

Download the PDF

Update, 30/11: The Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, the or­gan­isa­tion which com­mis­sioned Johannes Kreidler’s per­form­ance, have re­leased a state­ment re­garding this dis­cus­sion, which you can read over on Ian Pace’s blog.

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