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Happy New Year!

Last year I put to­gether a lengthy look at good stuff I’d seen, heard and read. To close this year, here are some much briefer notes on some of the best things I en­countered in the last 12 months. Richard Craig, Inward — Without a doubt the best disc of new music I’ve heard this year, […]

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Backwards through a telescope

Brian Ferneyhough at the RNCM In the last week and a half it has been in­ter­esting to ob­serve from a dis­tance the build-up and fall-out from the Ferneyhough day in London. Thankfully, the Radio 3 broad­cast meant I could hear the music as well as the sur­rounding re­ac­tion. Radio 4 ran an item on the Total […]

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    Chris Swithinbank is a British-Dutch com­poser who works with both acoustic in­stru­ments and elec­tronic sounds. He is cur­rently a stu­dent at Harvard University with Chaya Czernowin.
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